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UAP | October 20, 2021

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Kozma Rozalia

Kozma Rozalia
Kozma Rozalia
Adresa: B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, 251/14, Tg-Mureş, Mureș – România
Tel: +40744.544.672, +40365.409.434
e-mail: kozma_r@yahoo.com

web: ,

Metamorfoza-Metamorphosis, 300x150 cm, haute-lisse, 2007


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Born 29th of iune 1958 in Târgu-Mureş (Ro), continues her artistic work from 1973, testing herself in other art disciplines as well like sculpture and painting. Finishing her studies at Ioan Andreescu Art Academy after 1998 she is known as textile artist. From 2005 she is member of the Romanian Visual Artist Society in Târgu-Mureş. She develops a number of individual techniques, thinking in large scale three-dimensional works and giving a fresh material-like style to her textile artworks. In the same time her great respect goes back to the traditional weaving techniques, which she cultivates highly qualified, with knowledge and humility, but same goes to haute-lisse technique, or basse-lisse also. Based on works with these techniques she is elected in 2012 member of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists in Budapest. She participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country as well as abroad. The Contemporary Art Department of the Arts Museum in Targu Mures preserves one of her large textile artworks (Maternity, 150x200cm, individual techniques, 2003). Some of her awarded works are Signs-significations (mixed media), Metamorphosis (haute-lisse), Eyes and points of view (tridimensional) etc. Parallel with the upward trend of her artistic career, with plenty of experience she builds her textile designer career as well, but between the years of 1998 and 2008 she also meets her duties as a fine arts teacher. In 2012 she organizes the Fine Arts Exhibition named Club’77.

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