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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Larionescu Marcela

Larionescu Marcela
Baban Gabrel
Adresa: Str. C.D.Gherea, nr.1, ap. 2, Rădăuți, Suceava – România
Tel: +40230.562.736, +40747.405.983, +40752.126.648

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„MARINĂ II” 130x62 cm tehnică haute-lisse ”MARINE II” 130x62 cm haute-lisse tehnique

”MARINE-II”-130×62-cm. haute lisse tehnique

Prezentare Demers Artistic

”Marcela Larionescu’s tapestry carries on the tradition lode with modern means of expression and amplifies it with vision focussing on textil structures of an obvious up-to-dateness. The art of weaving, the vision of the whole, the prevalent feature of blue in celestial hues, the inner rhythms of the compositions express, all together and each other in its turn, an imaginative and inventive potential dominated through access to aesthetic values and persuasion of the onlooker… The surface has the mobility of passing from the thread and the dense texture to the sky loops which are outlined on an imaginary backgroung. With inspiration, she adds some sea-shells which carry in themselves the roaring or the silence of the sea, the aquatic space being propitious for coloursful dreaming. Marcela Larionescu’s practised handcraftship proves sensibility and professionalism, a subtlechromatic sense and the adequate use of values.”
Valentin Ciuca, critic of art, Iasi, Artistic presentation issued in ”Crai Nou”, Suceava, Romania, 24.08.2010, page 5, under the title ”Summer Dreaming”.

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