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UAP | May 28, 2022

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Lăzureanu Ioan

Lăzureanu Ion
Adresa: Str. Nicolae Bălcescu, Nr.5, bl.5,sc. C, apt.15 – Bacău – România
Tel: +40745.198. 980

Personaj - tehnică mixtă - mix - 100 x 80 cm.

Personaj – tehnică mixtă – mix – 100 x 80 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Ioan Lazureanu transformed the compositional researches on the relation between Sings and Characters in a fruitful artistic direction. The way the present creation are titled, they generate plurisemantic lectures. One of lectures is about the destruction of world and of the human after millenary experiences, most of them ridiculously unsuccessful. The deconstruction suggests itself the imaginary evanescens of identity for the sake of the perfect generic human being that is nothing but an utopian model. The suggestions which would send towards hominoid beings represent a compromise made to the watcher that is left in an anarchic work. The man without shape and without volume, without anything that could save him from the dull range passé through the neutral and depth less space. The lecture of the sings doesn’t give to the character anything but a secondary role. As in a movie, he walks on and nobody would recognize him even if he looked like a human character. The character without a face and without identity becomes a moving shadow. Perhaps only the compromise made with the image of a possible Thracian bachelor, mythologic of course, can represent a try out in getting back some things from the platitude of being human…”
Valentin Ciuca – A Century of Fine Arts in Moldavia. Publishing House Art XXI – 2009

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