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UAP | December 9, 2022

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Lăzureanu Ionela

Nistor Laurențiu
Lăzureanu Ionela
Adresa: Str. Nicolae Bălcescu, Nr.5, bl.5,sc. C, apt.15 – Bacău – România
Tel: ++40741.998.518

Personaj IV - Character IV - bronz-bronze  H 42 x L11 X 10 cm.

Character IV – bronze H 42 x L11 X 10 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Character IV / bronze / H 42 x L 11 x l 10 cm
“It isn’t difficult to tell that Ionela Lazureanu is one the most persuasive women sculptors of today Romania. Her rich imagination and the manual practice sent her in time to modern, coherent, aesthetic expression solutions and she made progresse towards areas of soulfulness which were even deeper and more subtle. The bronze volumes with areas polished for a long time and those left unpolished or as from residua, cofirm that the mental scheme of a virtual composition had the assignation of colours already anticipated. Each image has the meaning of an attitude, the human being like a present absence also in the artist’s searching. In general, what Ionela Lazureanu accomplished in sculpture till now expresses the steps of a journey, whose possible purpose will be the design of a personal artistic unmistakeable look, after the model of her colleague from Bacau, George Apostu. The association is in no wise casual and I think that she has already touched this great moment…”

Valentin Ciucă – A Century of Fine Arts in Moldavia. Publishing House Art XXI – 2009

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