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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Manole Alina

Manole Alina
Alina Manole
Manole Alina
Adresa: Str. Odei, nr. 37, București – România
Tel: +4072 416 2530

AutoCuboPortret, dimensiune 606060 cm, tehnica acrilic pe panza ,  acrylic on canvas

AutoCuboPortret -60x60x60-cm. acrylic on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Alina Manole went on logic cube. Six sides and at the same time a series of self-portraits , all because ” the die was cast ” when he started working . Its object will rotate in the exhibition, but regardless of position , will always look the same and always different .
( All the President’s Men & other ideas / by Mihai Plămădeală . )

” Inspiration contours , imagination , color explosion of optimism associated with psychological reflection consumerist generation post – after ( modern ) . Alina Manole fades into a coherent discourse, controlled borders between academicism and subculture, in terms of images . These act as catalysts for ideas, artistic movements (sometimes social ) media avatars distinct or all elements of mixes that put color line and agreements in their dignity. Sources feeding the subjects covered by the artist retains an ambivalence enveloped in what today may be appointed slang term “cool” .
The relationship between one and many can be found in ” Self-Portrait ” along with the problem of art in the age of mechanical reproduction and the tuning that technique . Tensions between the blue and red dominant “Blue ” and ” Sun Splash ” are amplified by violent relations with color values ​​resulting compositions areas exceeding the viewer ‘s expectations and propose relecturarea cyclical works . Yellow Sofian of ” Splash (s ) of the sun ” can be found in ” nude ass “, where, beyond iconography to Toulouse- Lautrec can be found discrete line detail , and feminist approach to the topic . Finally , ” A Piece of My World” brings together ideas and techniques under the balance of Alina Manole identity , which , by the works mentioned above , I wrap it in Post Pop Art classifications lose their relevance to the work of the artist, which may allow freedom , as in this case , be himself ( herself ) . ”
Mihai Plămădeală

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