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UAP | December 9, 2021

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Mărăcineanu Hugo

Hugo Maracineanu
Mărăcineanu Hugo
Adresa: Piata Traian, Bl. B7, atelier 5, etaj 1, Brăila – România
Tel: +40724.024.811 – +40339.886.101

Fluture de Voroneţ - Voronet butterfly - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas - 92x71 cm.

Voronet butterfly – oil-canvas – 92×71 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The road I keep looking for
The artist must demonstrate more than perfect form and craft, more than just handling and operating with the plastic means.
Beyond the surface, shape, material, plastic means used, there must come out the mystery, the subject, the reason, the cause and the effect of the plastic approach.
Art is a subjective emanation; it comes from a need for communication, it is the way we make our most secret thoughts, feelings, hopes, discoveries known. It is and it will also remain a way of education and living in communication with the others.
There is no form without substance and content. Even the most exclusive lines of abstract plastic expression, dreams, subconscious automatisms, in order to reach the others, they must reveal the essence, the mystery. They must suggest the meaning that emerges from these acts to the public.
Theorizing the techniques, the exhaustive description of procedures, action painting, intricate forms, the grammar of the perspective and of the plastic qualities, eventually find their correspondent in the direct reality or in the one subjectively created by artists.
There is no personal style – this is an automatism, a self repeating act – there only exists a psychic and sensitive mark of the subject’s evolution, and the subject of the artist is forever the artist itself.
We keep looking for ourselves, but still we will not reach the depth of everything.
Hugo Maracineanu

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