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UAP | June 30, 2022

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Mazerrschi Sergiu Georgian

Mazerrschi Sergiu Georgian
Adresa: Str. Depoului, nr.82/A/1, Bacău – România
Tel: +40728.233.582

Din port în rai -  From Haven to heven - acrilic-pânză - acryl-canvas - 85 x 115 cm.

From Haven to heven – acryl-canvas – 85 x 115 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

In the first stages of his initiation in the field of fine arts, Georgian Mazerschi acquires and masters the classical techniques: aquatinta, aquaforte, woodcut, but does not approach the empire of printed arts. Having consistently passed the tests of difficulty and duration, he is fascinated by the unlimited possibilities of expression generated by computer graphics.
Finding inconvenience in the technical rigours typical of the noble guild, he allows himself the freedom of looking for expression in the ludic exercise, exempt of the canons and inevitable failures of obedience.
Drawing becomes the most powerful argument in his graphic escapades: the artist organises the surface, the colour, the shape. Discretely, the line unveils its virtuosity in portraits, anatomic structures and especially self-portraits. He does not proclaim his contribution to the aesthetic fulfilment, he merely assumes the role of head stone and binder of a harmonious whole.
The option for the free play of colour, line and shape praises the seeker of expressiveness and naturalness – emblematic hypostasis which elevates his latest achievements towards the shaping of his own artistic destiny.
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