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UAP | August 17, 2022

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Meiloiu Consuella

Meiloiu Consuella
Adresa: Str. Baltagului, nr.6, bl.V76A, sc.2, ap.34, et.3, sector 5 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40744.357.607

Totem- tehnica mixtă-mixed technique - 80x160cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Consuella Meiloiu stands out as an artist of the XXI century, with a strong personality that, in a steady ascent, has found a path of her own in the field of Romanian fine arts by exercising her originality and dedication. She seems to flirt with the art of the early XX century through masterful speculation of every technical opportunity in order to achieve her goal. She shows rigor in the choice of visual means, because, regardless of size, each work must have an unyielding architecture, amid which the necessary pairing of intensity and quality must be present. Her works are stories written in confident, personal lines, with powerful, articulated imagery.
Although her draughtsmanship is excellent, she gives paramount importance to color; her palette vibrates with nuances in order to express the world of her dreams and feelings, of her unconscious and its accents. Consuella Meiloiu disposes of a refined science of quantifying the visual effects she employs, proven by the explosive color range of certain works, while others make use of a limited chromatic palette that is extremely well handled. Their essence is sometimes traced by formal structures, through firm gestures, all the while keeping in check her chromatic approach. With Consuella Meiloiu, the modernity resides in her ability to define, not to describe, by using various painterly elements in a personal key(collages, textures, crystals or thick paste), materials that vibrate, energize and make up an expressive whole. The artist’s technique is supply adapted to each subject, turning from somber and oppressive to gentle and luminous or explosive. Her paintings give off exuberance, joy, youthfulness. It is a rigorous architecture, built upon precise arguments, capable of creating surprising synthesis enveloped in color.
Her works present themselves as shorthand for specific moods, and are the result of a conscious and original effort.
Cornel Ostahie, 2011

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