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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Miertoiu Maria

Miertoiu Maria
Miertoiu Maria
Adresa: Str. Zavoi, nr. 43, Deva – România

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Choosing pastel technique, whose virtues she properly serves, Maria Miertoiu prefers to paint profound moods, with a rich emotional charge, but in a personal manner, with an obvious grace of a portraitist. With a questing spirit towards research and experiment, she ardently investigates shapes and renewing solutions in the decorative art field, making billboards of a great diversity, sometimes large, in which the austere color alternates with lighting tones of a conquering freshness given by some lace and textile fiber, ingeniously used. The geometrization, the herbal arabesque, the mixed techniques, the stylistic and bold researches, all appear here organically twinned, with a refinement that gives her art works the aura of mastery, inside a tamed modernity by the measure sense, a refinement that significantly defines her artistic profile.

Marin Mihalache-critic de arta
Iunie 1999-Deva

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