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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Mocanu Adina

Mocanu Adina
Adresa: Bulevardul Decebal 21, Scara B, Apt.32, Bistriţa – România
Tel: +40724.356.190

Compoziţie-composition - acrilic-pânză - acryl-canvas 90x120 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

When looking at Adina Mocanu’s work from the perspective of the imaginary, the physical-geometric space becomes iconographic, a highly subjective realm. We are actually talking about that inner, poetic space that bares the function of
,,devoiding” time. When carefully going through Adina Mocanu’s exhibition, one truly understands the
French thinker’s statement :,,We sometimes believe that we know ourselves in time, and in fact we only grasp a sequence of spacial fixed points of our being who refuses to flow, who, even in the past quest of the ,,temps perdu” wants to stop the passing of time”- Bachelard. From the contemporary paintor’s perspective, these narative horizons become ,, a true
backlash of eternity against time”.
Mircea Oliv

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