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UAP | November 29, 2022

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Moldovan Iuliu

Nistor Laurențiu
Moldovan Iuliu
Adresa: Str. 1 Decembrie 1918, bl. 26C, ap. 6, etaj II, Târnăveni, Mureș – România
Tel: +40776.271.252, +40 365.435.622



Prezentare Demers Artistic

He paints for more than 40 years, painting over a thousand works, most of them being placed in private collections in his country and abroad.His art continues to undergo change, the artist being in a perpetual search.Reaching maturity he easily switches from one form of expression to another, from easel painting to mural painting.Through his art he develops large monumental compositions, painted in mixed techniques, approaching topics of historical, religious and ambiental importance, these monumental ensembles being placed in public spaces: parks, building facades, libraries, churches.

His compositions are ordered by severe coughs opened in depth, full of lyrical load, revealing a rich expressionist vein, releasing strong inner tensions.The dynamism of the surface and the massiveness of the form gives a defining note for his creations.The artists plastic view is a deep analysis of the material world and forms with their different structures.Drawer and colorist of a rare vocation, the artist creates with an overflowing force works of a real value.

Iuliu Moldovan is “Creator of New School”- The artist set up the Fine Art Workshop “A96”, school where young artists from Tarnaveni prepare for art school and national and international Art Instituions.At his school there were formed over more than 28 young people who currently are working in the art field.Artist with marked activity in the cultural life of the city, in Mures County and not only, he is one of the ambassadors of the Transylvanian space and abroad. He affirms himself as a complex artist, his art being recognized internationally beyond European borders, reaching other continents (USA, Canada, Australia).
Mircea Barbu

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