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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Moser Vreme Gloria

Moser Vreme Gloria
gloria vreme moser
Moser Vreme Gloria
Adresa: Str. Anvers nr. 4, Timișoara – România
Tel: +40744 392 369, +40256 475 238

gradina_21x30 cm_ tehnica mixta _ 2003

Garden, 21×30 cm, mixt technique

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Gloria Moser Vreme is a professional able to produce amazing effects through filigrees similar to old time frescos. Refusing the monumental element is as it seems, programmatic: within limited space the color and shapes are forced to be present and expressed through intensity not amplitude.
Gloria Vreme Moser does not intend to overwhelm but to absorb. The chromatic game – always intelligent, alive and unexpected is evident only after closer inspection allows the color to flow upon the retina of the viewer; the works command the viewing to set aside physical determinations and to work within the basis of that which is contemplated. Without this proximity and focus, this absorption process the works remain opaque – their stories forever hidden, a secret of their own […]
Doru Branea

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