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UAP | May 27, 2022

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Neacşu Mihai Cristian

Neacşu Mihai Cristian
Adresa: Str. Birnova, nr.13, bl. M120 A, sc. A et. 3, ap.15, sect., Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40742.903.546


“Stapanul Caciulii Galbene”ulei pe panza 60X80cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic
In 2005 the artist Neacşu Reb finish “Nicolae Tonitza” high school art with a specialization in Sculpture. His graduation sculpture being a portrait of Alexandru Paleologu, a man of culture, with it participating in the exhibition entitled „ Centre Metropolitan for youth of N.Tonitza” After graduation, he entered the National University of the fine arts in the department of Ceramics-Glass-Metal -where he developed skills in decorative art, under the guidance of renowned teachers as D.Popovici, E.Budes , L.Butucariu, O.Ionescu. Bogdan Hojbota being his coordonating teacher in studiing and defining ideas in his master’s studies. During this time he worked in the Art Gallery „Galeria Ancora” of the artist V.Sararu , where he meets a group of outstanding artists who quickly became his close friends. Here with their help he learns the art of painted glass and he continues to explor the techniques in merged glass art. He participates in numerous exhibitions with works that offer dynamic and streamlined shapes of elements of nature and human body.

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