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UAP | August 13, 2022

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Nedelcu Liviu

Nedelcu Liviu
Nedelcu Liviu
Adresa: Goleşti, str. Pionieri, nr. 8, jud. Vrancea – România
Tel: +40727 705 529, +40784 215 808

Mama, tata si Lola

Mother, Father and Lola, mixed technique on canvas, 190X180cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Liviu Nedelcu is employing in his paintings an entire array of plastic solutions, which perfectly serve both his profound requirements for expression and, at the same time, the cultural exigencies implied by his conceptual project. The sometimes expressionist intensities are revealed by the spontaneous brushstrokes and by the chromatic accents which often have no constructive role in the shaping of the contours of nude figures, for example, but register a flow of energy – an almost individual discourse – parallel to the figurative construction. The images, sometimes autobiographic, can also contain historical references. The message sent to the viewer is completed by the means of several elements, such as symbols, intense brushstrokes, and various formal and chromatic accidents which all contribute to creating a specific clarity and visual acuity.
Constantin Prut 2011

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