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UAP | January 22, 2022

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Nistor Georgeta

Nistor Georgeta
Adresa: Str. Dr. Iuliu Teodori nr.16 sect. 5, Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40748.034.954
web: ,



Prezentare Demers Artistic

Work in the 32 years of television cinematography has been an ongoing effort to creation, materialized in drawings artistic and technical design sketches of over 800 theatrical sets.
• From permanent blends to talk shows up to blends for the great entertainment shows, which have culminated in the three editions of the international music festival “GOLDEN STAG” , at Brasov, the five editions of national selection of EUROVISION CONTEST, that I was working, all these have marked a strong personal style.
• Feature have been very balanced composition, a rich color gamut and refined, and emphasize multiple angles and framings, specific to a space of television, well manageable.
• In all complex spaces created, I have built private artistic elements, decoration, furniture, with proportions perfectly framed in a everything that represent a strong personalized ambient-instructive easily from the detail of the era to simplicity, suggestion and abstractedness modernity.
A performance to be included has been regrouping space an ingrate of small studios, which acquired allure of much more space, in many sets.
• Also, we have made the suits at theater parts of television or for New Eve”s shows beneath the wand of the great humorist and television personality, Dan Mihaescu-moments of reference for national filmography
Georgeta Nistor

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