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UAP | August 17, 2022

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Nueleanu Bogdan Constantin

Nueleanu Bogdan Constantin
Nueleanu Bogdan Constantin
Adresa: Str. Marte Nr 68, Dumbravita, Jud. Timis – România
Tel: +40
web: ,

Fluid metalic  II  - Inox, 33206 cm - Metallic fluid II - Stainless steel - 33206 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic


The series of works by young plastic artist Bogdan Nueleanu, enroll undoubtedly
the new wave of creative exploration which source probes ancient veins evanescence lost in archetypal world. Volume laced, seemingly chaotically structured compositions develop a closer contemplation explicit cognitive complexity, such abstruse texts when suave watermark when making curved swords brutal dream into a tumult frozen sound. Feel the roar of the metal dance  camouflaged of rust nonchalance gestuality that decompose matter, conceptual approach leads to relentless temporality consuming, invasive, consuming shape, rounded edge and cancels the top  .
Coercion conceptual archetype reads coming from tree-pole-axis, emerge to flight-arrow-sword-spear-ray. Interference of condensate mythological heritage touch with valences Pythagorean tradition Pentateuch composed vein mosaic syncretism which subsist interference and ambient stylistic corpus elegant of young author that migrate from maneuvering chromatic pictorial techniques to escape in volumes.
Searches denotes its spatial poetic security realm, courage, coupled with specific momentum serious seeker not leave easy prey to the typical result of blunt sculpture scholastic formalism of sweet and stale location in styling obsolete but virulent attack, challenging, bringing the viewer the chance of an approach to profound cognitive sources close to the pre-archetypal origins of mysterious logos around, unfathomable.
Plastic speech chosen by Bogdan Nueleanu it ranks near the confluence of geacometian gestualism diaphanous type of expression brutal, masculine, and the message that transpires deep clean and clarifying bringing with condensed explicit primary symbolic routes. Along with flying golden bronze eschatology, the couple Adam, the tree of knowledge, fine arts arsenal constructivist flavor sometimes, coagulates unit topics that give consistent strategy of seduction by spaciousness, the immutable formal genesis vis-a-vis the codes belonging polysemy of primary archetypal .

Dr. Gabriel Kelemen
Timisoara 2011

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