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UAP | August 10, 2022

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Oancea Irina

Oancea Irina
Oancea Irina
Adresa: Str.George Georgescu nr 17, Tulcea – România
Tel: +40722 805 886

web: ,

Gradina-The Garden - 80-60. Acrylic-Panza.Acrylic -Canvas.2012

The Garden, 80-60cm. Acrylic Canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

‘’The work of Irina Oancea is a daring adventure which the autor is proposing us to understand the spirit of the new generation, in trying to give a sense to existence. Contrary to her poetic soul that she is showing, Irina pushes the expression to abstract, deliberately breaking the connection with the photographic existence ,apparently calmly, determining us to understand , through visual language , the age feelings.
Just like a high voice, the color forced by the palette knife, cuts harshly the volumes , creates a shock to the receiver, awakening the curiosity in understanding the author’s confession . Such pictural approach, constructive abstract, refuses spatialization and actual place of aims, imagination and gesture becoming priorities and compelling. ‘’
Adrian Pal, visual artist

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