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UAP | December 2, 2022

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Olievschi Toacă Cristina

Nistor Laurențiu
Olievschi Toacă Cristina
Olievschi Toacă Cristina
Adresa: Comuna Savadisla, sat Hasdate, nr. 144, jud. Cluj – România
Tel: +40742.609.207

Marină-Marina - acuarela-water_colours-80x80cm

Marina – water_colours – 80x80cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Artistical creation is my legitimate way of existing. The tough reality we are continuosly confronting with, solicitant and invasive, can be accepted and controlled by our inner strength. We can understand it and we can control it through its own structural laws, we face it with our human essence and we find our place in this world through our attempts of expressing ourselves. That’s why plastical creation must involve our own feelings, our own believes and uncertitudes, a special world with roots in reality without copying it. The surounding reality, full of energy, with its light hidding and shaping forms, with its space linking and defining elements, includes myself in the great happening of existance. The accumulation of feelings which are ment to start plastical ideas is my great weltered joy of starting to work. A finished work is a victory in my atempt to define myself as an artist and also as a human being.

Cristina (Toaca) Olievschi

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