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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Olteanu Manole Dorel

Olteanu Manole Dorel
Olteanu Manole Dorel
Adresa: str. Lascăr Catargiu Nr.4, Timișoara – România
Tel: +40
web: ,

„Peisaj”, tehnica ulei pe pânză, dimensiunea 50X 60 cm. - Landscape, technique oil on canvas, dimensions 50x60 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

OltMan is Olteanu Manole Dorel’s nickname, a fine artist with a large comprehension on artistic vision, a practitioner of classic techniques that he has virtuously controled since the end of the ‘70s.

Since the ‘90s, OltMan has shown different ways of artistic expression besides the classic approach. The public space that the artist considers to be an extension of the private space (a concept developed by Habermas) is a space where he exhibits happenings, performance, and installations.

On these occasions, OltMan conceptualizes notions that he has persistently implemented and developed for over 25 years: The Syncopes and The AvantPosts, both in the urban and the rural environment, as an expression of creative beings that aspire to Theurgy.

„… it only happens later on…, that someone imagines and creates a context to observe, (The Avanposts, urban and rural),… it is a metaphysical strength, it is a cultural force, and a cosmogonic conception; (the artist) deprives himself from the tumult, the noise, the modern art, the absurd, he deprives himself from all that fuss and connects to the metaphysical detachment, to the silence, and to the extraordinary perspective; to me, this is an extraordinary gesture.”

Historian and Art Critic, Phd., Univ.Prof. Constantin Ionescu Prut, 2004

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