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UAP | August 10, 2022

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Palamar Ioana

Palamar Ioana
Palamar Ioana
Adresa: str. Bogdan-Vodă, nr.17, sc. B, et.1,ap 24, Rădăuți, jud. Suceava – România
Tel: +40749.674.216


Prezentare Demers Artistic
The metaphysical restlessness is the main reason I started to paint, because I intended searching for my own identity, for my originary side, by asking me specific questions and finding some answers. I am strongly interested in (self-)knowledge which is a very complex process and requires a long time. Sometimes, I unexpectedly face the imminent and cruel loneliness, but I try accepting the fact that this could be a way of transcending my own physical limits, of searching of some truths and finding myself. The problem is that once a specific spiritual level is reached, I realise that a big price has been payed: loneliness, which can degrade sometimes the human soul. I believe that spiritual balance can be reached by gaining a peaceful state of mind I am craving for and the connection with the others can make this possible.