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UAP | August 19, 2022

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Panaitescu Rodica

Panaitescu Rodica
Adresa: Buzău – România
Tel: +40



Prezentare Demers Artistic

Rodica Panaitescu comes up with the plan of a goldsmith’s archetypal and subtle allusions in small sculptures. The artist’s bronze prove to be remarkable by way of ability to organize a repertoire of symbols with expressive austere means, which seem to claim themselves from the archaic memories – matrix of Mediterranean culture, descending to the modernity of the autonomous sign.

The iridescences appeared from the dialogue with the light, in counterpoint with the mat segments, adorned with the emblems of possible magical rituals tend to reformulate the quality of the atmosphere, spiritualizing it.

The artist is revealed to us as a delicate composer integrated in the tautness flow which aims at the organization and activation of the work space, through the interference of the abstract volume, sometimes comparing them with the body of some inkling derived from a religious ambit.

It would be interesting to check – a utopia born from the infinity of hope – the monumental and authoritarian quality of the signs written in the immersive work space created at the interference between affect and intellectual suppression.

Virgil Mocanu „Literatorul” nr.40/1995

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