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UAP | October 21, 2021

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Poiata Toth Rodica

Poiata Toth Rodica
Adresa: Str. Estacadei, nr 15, Bl P41, Sc 1, ap. 17, sect.6 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40744.489.813
e-mail: rodica_poiata@yahoo.com

Fuziune-Fusion - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas 70x90 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Rodica Toth Poiata confers her realistic vision a symbolic perspective, actually an opening to essential senses. The reflexivity estate is born from a profound intimacy with the data of immediacy, as what we remark from the beginning in her painting is exactly the feeling of implication in existence by a natural detachment. She invokes the abstraction of the word and the superior finality of the nature giving to painting the power of the soul therapy.

The painter has the faculty of seeing things by reflection, of recording the visible in the reverie state, of melting in dreams. And this dream of her is dressed up in an infinite delicacy of discrete tones that makes from innocence a surprising aspect of the fantastic space.

Cornel Radu Constantinescu

website link www.rtp.ro