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UAP | May 24, 2022

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Popa Cănija Adriana Emilia

Popa Adriana
Adresa: Deva – România
Tel: +407410 699 559

web: ,

Lumi parelele -70x100_ tehnica mixta - 2012 (Parallel worlds - 70x100_ mixed technique - 2012)

Parallel Worlds 70×100 Mixed Media

Prezentare Demers Artistic

My creation is linked to my personality who is always searching. All that I do is filtered through my feeling and mind. Everything I see, feel and live, everything is a possible pretext that can take various forms of plastic expression. Nothing that I do shouldn’t be unusual to others. I want all of us to feel more and be more empathetic, to relate more to each other. Creation means absolute freedom of choice. When I create, I feel free, happy, at peace with all living things, at peace with myself and with others.
“Always surprising and yet steady wirh her and her artistic activity Adriana Emilia Popa Cănija is seeking in her own creation the roads to visual expression formulas that defines and stabilize her in structures conquered with discretion and tenacity, but generously shared in her works with great refinement and sensitivity. “(Prof. Rodica univ.dr Banciu – Word of opening exhibition of paintings and textile collage” Human- man “Art Gallery” Form “, Deva, 2011).
“Artist is born with the color of pain in his blood, walks the earth with memory of vegetable forms, of the impression of a flower, the day and night and the makings of things.” (Miertoiu, Mary. “How much warmth, exuberance, love of life and light? … “, The Free Word, March 24, 2002).
“From the older formulations, which refers to the study of natural structures, his approach goes boldly towards new directions, trying to assimilate and overcome traditional plastic representation in favor for conceptualized one.” (Batca, Mircea. “Agenda Gallery “Form”, Archipelago, December, 2002, p.129.)

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