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UAP | September 29, 2022

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Popa Horia

Nistor Laurențiu
Popa Horia
Popa Horia
Adresa: Str. Eminescu Nr. 14 Oradea – România
Tel: +4744 660 330
e-mail: harry.popa@gmail.com

The Bird That Landed-oil on canvas


Prezentare Demers Artistic
A complete and complex artist

Horia Popa is a complete and complex artist, a young old renascent spirit, a veteran and an apprentice set between the Earth and the Sky, between the God of the people and the people of God. And here he is now, after he has bared the interlude landmarks of his former journeys, facing this unceasing question: “if until now it has been like this, where do i go from here ? “
His audacity always added up to his artistic skills. Thereby, his designs (as he is also an excellent designer), have unequivocally matured along the years and now seem to work by their own devices, seem to have a life of their own, allowing him to invest enough time in painting.
The artist, aware of the fact that the path he must follow often implies wanderings and detours, rises a cortege that accompanies each one of his works. A cortege in which the wise fear of God fades away, giving birth to a new-found love of God. Perhaps this is the justification of the skillful way in which he pays his respects and admiration for the sacred images, within the qualified horizon of the visual act and discourse of contemporary arts. His canvases convey the necessary efforts, whether deliberate or manifested, or have intimately arisen by the spirit of fulfillment, between the Art and the Artist, a fascinating “mise en place” in which the tenet of the sacred image celebrates with the drama and the desperation of the late modernism, along with the wild freedom of a trans-postmodernism unleashed from the disputes of its precocious identity.
Beyond the inherent qualities of his canvases lie hints of the diligence required for this celebration to become one of joy, amplified by the sheer emotion of the aforementioned choice.
Through which one of the doorways present in his canvases will the artist and his art fulfill “the passing”? That remains for him to choose, and for us to see. Until then, we are all invited to witness the arrangements he has made for his subsequent journeys. Each one of us shall choose from the many gates that the artist has created, the one that speaks to him more profoundly: may that be the one with a painted St.George, undecided to lay the evil to rest, or The Archangel of Blue, or the Sacred Family, or perhaps the horizons made of one too many lost and found paradises.I don’t know. I only know Horia Popa’s art is magnificent.

prof. univ. dr. Dorel Găină ( G+G )
UAD Cluj-Napoca

(published in MODERNISM Art& Style Tabloid – Cosmin Nasui – 23rd of May 2013 )

website link: http://www.facebook.com/horia.popa.5 ,