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UAP | January 26, 2023

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Răducan Flora

Nistor Laurențiu
Flora Raducan
Răducan Flora
Adresa: Spl. Corneliu Coposu Nr.6 Ap.4, Lugoj – România
Tel: +40726.285.802

SUNSET ON THE LAKE SURDUC 2009 oil on canvas 100x200 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Flora Raducan explores an ambiguous and mysterious world, placed on the edge between the amorphous and the form in its full conceiving process.
Obviously, Flora Raducan represents, through her continuous submersion into the damp half-darkness of matter, of the feminine universe and the system beneath the moon. However, this seeming clarity holds a spectacular paradox: through her irrepressible energy and willingness of introducing the onlooker into a full structuring worldly process, Flora Raducan gains the function of a founder and virile conscience.
Flora argues a fundamental truth: that the artistic expression is not the simple reflection of an exuberant narcissism, but a rigorous commentary on the profound unity of the world and its symbolic coherence.
PAVEL SUSARA –art critique –exhibition at the “Prometheus Club”, Bucharest, 2004

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