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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Răileanu Ardadie

Răileanu Ardadie
Adresa:Str. Nicolae Iorga, 45, Bl. F2, Sc. A, Ap. 20, Piatra Neamț – România
Tel: +40

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Geneză-Genesis, 70x80cm., Ulei pânză-Oil on Canvas

Genesis -70x80cm.- Oil on Canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Painter with a solid professional training, worked with atelier discipline, permanently checked in exhibits with personal character, in summer camp selections of creation Arcadie Răileanu is a colourist by excellence. Even if he gives the impression that he elaborates from the beginning, in direct prise, he only makes prios sketches. He paints almost daily, all alone or surrounded by his disciples from the People’s School of Art where he behaves as a primus inter pares. He has the vitality of a fov, and he always aims towards equilibrium and harmony. The experience of the Russian school in the spirit of which he got formed and the successes of the Romanian art became an original synthesis between the reflexivity of the first and the spontaneity of those from the Romanian area. Always motivated chromatically and structurally, his compositions have the scope of a tonic and robust pulse and supplementary the vitality of expression of a Latin. The sanguinity of the ensemble suggests a cerebral and vital temper, both energetic and tender. The compositions of his latter years have timely given in to the structure of image in musical level connections so that they may leave the impression of a free and positive celebrity. Overall, the painter has the arguments of professionalism and the joy of being followed by his faithful admirers in art…
(Valentin Ciucă, A Century of Beautiful Arts in Moldavia, Art XXI Publishing, 2009)

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