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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Rozsnyai Valentin Iosif

Rozsnyai Valentin Iosif

Rozsnyai Valentin Iosif
Adresa: Str. Arh. Ghermano Vida Nr. 10 – Sighetu Marmaţiei – jud. Maramureş – România
Tel: +40768.260.404

NOUL GORDIUS – 2017, oil on canvas, TRIPTIC- 3 x 140×70 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic
“ Mystery and shapes in the paintings of Valentin ROZSNYAI

Among the members of the U.A.P. Branch in Baia Mare a solitary personality can be distinguished, whose well outlined pictorial discourse imposes itself by rigor and compositional construction of the plastic space of a cube-constructivist nature.
In his pledge for painting, Valentin ROZSNYAI the painter, adds to his cognitive ambition of cubism, by including the time factor, the necessary plastic capacities, so that the picture points out the space courses, by the rhythmic succession of the compositional elements. The pictorial representations of the artist bring us in the forefront allegories and plastic transposition of mythological inspiration ( “Phoenix”, “Helios with three Auroras”,
”Daphne”, “The Fall of Ikar” ) but also compositional structures that have as a “pictorial pretext” the immediate reality ( “Landscape- in Borsa”, “Swedish window”, “Gutin- at winter time”). The harmonious constructions to which the painter appeals, force the chromatic harmony of saturated green shades, cobalt blue, cadmium red, but also tensioned juxtapositions of brown, chrome green, Prussia blue, burnt Siena, ochre etc. The insertion of large surfaces of a certain chromatic dominance in the compositional space of the painting, impose on the whole, beside movement and dynamism, a balance of the visual gravity,creating that metaphysical space of the painting, that is, the mystery, which it needs so much.”

Prof. Univ. Dr. Nicolae SUCIU, painter

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