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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Rugescu Ana-Maria

Rugescu Ana-Maria
Rugescu Ana-Maria
Adresa: Aleea Nuferilor, M5/10, Deva – România
Tel: +407410 699 559

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Inflorescenta haute-lisse(cu noduri), lana, 200x195x16cm

Inflorescence haute lissecu wool knots, 200x195x16 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“In his work, Ana-Maria Rugescu appealed at mixed techniques to merges overlapping of material and textures in a decorative manner with clear cut shapes in the compositional field. True dimension of his work reveals to us in his ample tapestries. Made with the same sense of responsibility, in directing and rhythm forms, but where improvisation comes brilliantly and seemingly exuberant. His work is concrete proof of a maximum creative expression, in a some decades work dedicated to the art . Its large tapestries are imposed sight, captivates and fascinates the joints between large surfaces, calm, quiet and small areas, vibrant disturbingly kneaded. Color is a serious and valuable, sensitive and refined, clarified to the most subtle tints, tones and shades. There is a close formal composition surfaces, in geometrical structures clearly defined, whose rhythm is interrupted by lines with gestual throb trails, which potentiates dynamic the work. Nothing is the result of an event, nothing is accidental, the complex linear structure and color of his work. The spontaneity of gesture which rythming the harmony is the result of a process of development and selection of multiple solutions available. In full effervescence creative, the artist is the personality will have certainly a future in contemporary Romanian tapestry (article signed by Professor Dr. Adriana Popa Cănija)”

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