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UAP | October 7, 2022

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Rus Ana

Nistor Laurențiu
Rus Ana
Adresa: Str. Constantin Rădulescu Motru, nr.4 ,bl. 1, sc.1, et. 2, ap. 12 Sector 2
Tel: +40
e-mail: anarus.artist@yahoo.com

Ispita II - Temptation II - alama-brass  - 47x35x30 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“ Consistent with her aspirations of prasing the human being and mastering very well her art, assimilated over more than two decades…
The portrait is also constantly cultivated by artist, with extremely valuable achievements…This way she proves a special sensibility in what concerns the psychological evocation of characters. Ana Rus stands out in the Romanian fine arts with her constant concern for the figurative sculpture, where she recalls cultural personalities or creates metaphors by organizing the plastic elements that refer to people and reality.”
Petre Oprea, 1997, Buharest, Art House

“…The figurative is the central creative theme, without dominating this art of human representation wich appears in traditional forms: the portrait, the tors, the maternity…but there is a feeling that supasses the formal common places almost every time: the dream and the intimate meditation are revelead in every model wich becomes, after all, a pretext of her poetical expression.
… – the artist doesn’t trying any carving details, or the megalomaniac discourse or even less, the formal decoration; introspective and shy, she follows with distinctive discretion her own feelings, wich makes her sculpture the trace of a state of mind, the shape of o feeling that could give life to eternity.”
Radu Vasile, 1979, Filo Galleries, Cluj

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