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UAP | April 20, 2021

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Saraci Vasile

Vasile Saraci
Saraci Vasile
Adresa: Str. George Baritiu, nr. 2, ap.10, – România
Tel: +40264 594 851, +40722 769 930

Amplitudini folclorice - xilogravura pe hartie, tiraj de mana, 50 X 40 cm , Folkloric amplitudes- woodcut on paper, handmade, 50 X 40 cm,

Folkloric amplitudes, woodcut on paper handmade-50X40 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“…serene and warm, the painting of Vasile Saraci discretely shows us a sensitive painter, a painter of delicate feelings…” (Livia Dragoi, Steaua, nb.11, Nov. 1979)
“…a delicate painter, a sensitive colourist, whose works spring from sincere feelings.”
(Gheorghe Arion, in the Catalogue of the Exhibition Vasile Saraci, 1984)
“…the artist shows a multifaceted talent, appetite for the assimilation and expression of reality through various devices…” (Ilie Calian, Faclia, January 4 1985)
“…It is landscapes that are displayed more spontaneously and are also characterized by an inspired composition. The paint touches are ample and dynamic, the colours have density and possess the quality to vibrate.” (Mircea Toca, Tribuna, March 21 1985)
“…a symphony of sovereign green, accompanied by hues of grey, now and then vague touches of blue, but always in the cool range, seeming to deliberately avoid warm colours and always somewhat hidden. Avoiding contrasts and rough accords, reluctant to any loud colours, Vasile Saraci prefers pale harmonies which he paints in degrees from light colours to settled darkness, from veiled luminosity to the airy float of shadows…”
‘…discrete, sensitivity is still present in imagery, inviting to a sort of nostalgic reverie that the painter transmits to a careful looker-on…”
(Viorica Guy Marica, Steaua, nb.8 1985)
“The painting of Vasile Saraci is silent glow. It is personality, talent, a full-grown character. Therefore, what distinguishes him from other artists is the fact that he was wondering with ancestral innocence at the whole performance in front of him, succeeding in transmitting his worries to his game partner, without disclosing his inner troubles. He is a true oasis, an artist who knows what he can do from what he wants and what he wants from what he can do.” (Radio Broadcast, Portrait, Cluj-Napoca 1986)

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