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UAP | May 25, 2022

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Sasu Paula Adelina

Sasu Paula Adelina
Sasu Paula Adelina
Adresa: Bdul. Transilvaniei, Nr.6, Bl.25, Ap.16 – Alba Iulia – România

Sf.Arh. Gavril - Saint Gabriel -  tempera-sticlă - tempera-glass - 21x30 cm

Saint Gabriel – tempera-glass – 21×30 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

If I can bring a little smile and colour that mean that I not live for nothing in this world.And what l do in this world? I do what others do may be more artist than me….I interpret the reality.I transform wherever I can in beautiful pretious and sweet things.
Each artist feed this opera from past future and not at less time it”s cotidian existence painting.
For me the painting is the main way to express the colors,feelings, sounds and harmony.
The painting reprezents the major directions for my work in expansion.Reprezants my efforts, a wish to be an contemporan artist and my love of a particular approach to painting and drawing.Diffrent series have made in different ages of my career. Whether it’s icons on glass and wood, charcoal, pastel,pictures, mural painting, abstract all lodge tonality cromatic diaphanous, all created an warm, calm and delicate atmosfere. My paintings by a chromatic quality and coloristic confer the dominate role polarizing world, able to substain the demarche pictural more expansive.

Paula Sasu

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