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UAP | December 6, 2021

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Artists: Corina Banciu, Athena Dumitriu, Smaranda Isar, Mara Muşat, Nicoleta Pleşca, Mihai Popescu, Andreea Vârlan

October 18th to 30th, 2018
, Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Băiculeşti Street, no. 29

Curator: Iulia Toma

As if looking through a periscope, we focus on seven alumni of the Textile Arts Department. On one end of the mirrors, there are two envisioned worlds: impromptu structures assembled amidst waking states, make-believe yoga practitioners and unfulfilled dreams, languages made up out of the need to break dictated patterns, smokey apparitions – barely felt and needle-sewn with an un-seen thread. On the other end of the periscope, there are three artists, one is adding up glass filters upon the relation to the same mundane another artist perceives in a colourful, almost ludic key – in which the surrounding world becomes a ground for testing tones and textures. We see various people, refugees, we see broken destinies and human displacements, the objects shape clear, precise portraits, and ships that sail away without anyone knowing if they will ever reach their destinations. All kinds of people that could be your former or future neighbours: figurative textile artworks find their meanings and places within the exhibition. In a world of peoples, the lenses also show us leaves and plants, a herbal universe that lays its shadows among silhouettes of children, tree trunks and younger leaves, textures and juices send out their aromas through the natural fibers so closely related to this medium.
Contemporary textile art – this material world abounding in ideas – thus speaks to us in different ways, with themes and subjects that we are invited to discuss together.

With the support of UNARTE – Textile Arts and Design Department