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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Siminiuc Vasile Anghel

Nistor Laurențiu
Siminiuc Vasile Anghel
Siminiuc Vasile Anghel
Adresa: Suceava – România
Tel: +40

web: ,

Facebook 80x84 ulei pe panza

Inelul Stejarul – Oak Ring – 35x18x8 mm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Vasile Siminiuc had acces to the secrets of the art of drawing, as a pre-requisite graphic element in the conceiving of any type of image, through persistent and passionate study. Once he got over the begginer’s inhibitions, he managed to approach landscape painting, still-life and portraiture in a more detached manner. He is a dynamic and a frantic spirit who decides to transform the art of painting and he is not a hesitant nature. Even when he makes mistakes and he feels the breath of the audience right behind his back, he keeps working undisturbed. His success is the result of his capacity of motif selection, the freedom of expression and the spontaneous disregard for rules. The personal attitudes towards landscape painting are converted into the depiction of clouds floating in the sky, the rustle of the forest under the autumnal wind and the picturesque of the lanes in Suceava. He is always in a hurry, trying to seize moment and that is why he does not make sophisticated plans.
In the name of personal truths, he deciphers physiognomies and does not avoid symbolic subjects. He places in new contexts the monuments and letters of voievodal inscriptions and follows the painterly connotation of signs. The signs of the zodiac also offer surprising suggestions. Some interior scenes that include characters can only be considered caricatures because of their sloppiness.

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