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UAP | July 7, 2022

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Socaciu Ruxandra Eugenia

Socaciu Ruxandra Eugenia
Socaciu Ruxandra Eugenia
Adresa: Str. Buşaga, nr. 72B, Curtea de Argeş – România
Tel: +40721.406.955



Prezentare Demers Artistic

I create, like many artists before me, images of legends and mythological apotheosis. It only takes a deeper view to see it. I normally work on big surfaces, but who can pretend a small artwork is not monumental if it succeed to overwhelm you?
I have approached various themes and seen life in different angles. I have created unique forms and inspired from ancient cultures. I’ve merged prehistory and antiquity with middle ages and renaissance, and transpose all that into contemporary visions. I feel that still exist so many sources and I have dug to few wells; and the thing troubling me is the revelation that a human lifetime, no matter how long, is not enough to explore just a little part of the possibilities offered by our universe and figured by human creativity.

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