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UAP | April 4, 2020

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Cultural strategy

  • On February 5, 2013

The Cultural Strategy of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania



The Visual Artists’ Union of Romania( U.A.P) is the direct descendant, the legal and moral-patrimonial successor that carried-on the traditions of the Bucharest Fine Arts Syndicate ( S.A.F) and Provinces Mixed Syndicates.
The Bucharest Fine Arts Syndicate organization was the first authoritarian expression of the Romanian artists’ conscience.

The main goal of the Union is to function as an institution dedicated to the fine arts field as a cultural phenomenon and also to the social protection and the promotion of its members as it is stipulated in its Bylaw.

In 1995, the set-up of The National Alliance of the Creators Unions (ANUC), where the Union is a founding member, contributed to the redefinition of this organization in order to collaborate with the other professional organizations for the art creators’ rights.

The Union’s activities could be split in two main categories: cultural activities (as an important factor in the creation and exploitation of the national patrimony) and social protection activities.

Cultural activities are: protection and exploitation of the existing patrimony (workshops and artists residencies, art galleries, the Fine FundManufactory), documentary patrimony (publications, archive and library management, research) and the promotion of quality activities regarding the fine arts field, the art theory and critics, the monument restoration.

Social protection activities include also the participation in the legal and fiscal reform process in the fine arts field, the promotion of the profession’s statute and the solidarity between artists.



This is the actual main objective of the Romanian Visual Artists’ Union.

The Bucharest Visual Arts International Center willbe the result of converting the actual production unit (the Fine FundManufactory) and the artists’ studios belonging to the Union into a center of big dimensions, in Bucharest, 29 Băiculeşti str.

The Center will be an attractive place in Bucharest because it will be totally different from a museum, it will represent an interactive, a platform-generative type of artistic practice, replacing the reflexive strategies with more radical socially engaged discourses, a platform of interdisciplinary communication between artists, art critics, art collectors, media, curators, science people, research fellows. The Center aims to generate both an educational arena for the scholars and a major source of information about Romanian cultural issues for a large audience through a very diversified offer in the visual arts area.

Its main objectives will be:

  • promoting dialogue and mutual knowledge of the European culture and history;

  • promoting the creativity and the cultural transnational dissemination and also the mobility of

  • promoting cultural diversity and the development of new cultural expression forms;

  • recognition of the role of culture as an economic factor and as a social integration and civic
    attitude factor;

  • housing the cultural dialogue and the cultural exchanges between European cultures and the ones
    outside Europe

The Center will include:

  • a contemporary art museum, with national, regional and international collections;

  • exhibition halls, multi-functional halls;

  • open workshops for applied arts (ceramics and glass works, textiles, weaving), engraving and
    conceptual and interactive design;

  • artists ‘studios;

  • residencies for the artists’ mobility programs;

  • galleries selling both Romanian and international artistic works;

  • a library with slide collections and data bases;

  • deposits of works that would source the temporary exhibitions;

  • publishing and printing house to publish specific arts magazines, bookshops;

  • vocational and educational establishments in the field of visual arts;

  • arts auction houses.

The Center Program has two driving directions:

A.. The setting-up of the Center

A market research will be performed in Europe or USA regarding similar cultural centers created through the reconversion of industrial sites. The private – private and public-private partnerships will be the project base for the EU structural funds application. A special asigned team will perform a feasibility study and it will set up the organization structure, the objectives, actions, the needed space and facilities, the budget etc.

The deadlines are:

  • Europe market research: December 2012

  • Architecture projects pitch: 2013

  • Set-up of the team: 2013

  • Feasibility study (research and drawing up): 2013

B. Center fund set-up

The center entity must actually function before it will exist as a physical institution located in a dedicated location. For this reason all the documentary fund activities will be continued and developed, being integrated in the project when the center is finished. The complete update and classification of the Union archives is another top priority for the Union.


  • Restructuring the Union’s Library
  • Physical library content sorting, digital catalog design and implementation, drawing-up the documents access procedures for the Union’s members, students and other field’s researchers. This activity will be financed from the Fine Arts Stamp Fund on a project basis. A dedicated working team will be set-up.
    Deadline: December 2013

  • The library development through acquisitions, subscriptions, donations and design of the digital section (publications’ DVD-s, art movies etc.).

Deadline: permanent activity.

  • Sorting and updating the archive of photos, magazines, art catalogs etc and thus transforming it in an easy-to-use working tool. This activity will be performed by research teams on a project base financed by Fine Arts Stamp fund. There will also be encouraged voluntary activities based on partnership with the National Art University of Bucharest. This type of actions will also be developed for archives that are not in the Union’s property, a copy of these digital libraries becoming part of the U.A.P library fund (for example the National Romanian Television archive- fine artists movies)

Deadline: permanent activity.

  • Establishing libraries and archives for each Union’s subsidiary

  • The above activity will be carried out in all the Union’s subsidiaries, the project financing being ensured by the Fine Art Stamp Fund and other sources. The strategy is that all the library establishments to remain, as much as possible, in the subsidiaries’ custody. The digital archives of each subsidiary will be copied and used also by the headquarter (the Visual Artists’ Union) and all the other subsidiaries.
    Deadline: permanent activity.

  • Union’s archive
  • Another top priority of the Union is the library establishment restoration as it suffered some damages caused by several relocations of the Union offices. This archive keeps the historical image of the organization and it is an excellent documentary source for all the fine art researchers.
  • The physical sorting of the archive content will be done in partnership with the Archiving Institute.
    Deadline: permanent activity.

  • The electronic version of the archive is an objective that can be financed from the Fine Arts Stamp Fund and other sources.
    Deadline: 2014
    The library and archive establishments are objectives of first priority, thus all the connected projects will have also priority in the Fine Arts Stamp Fund financing.

  1. ARTA Magazine

The ARTA Magazine was published by the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union starting 1954, on monthly bases, until 1992 when the publication was suddenly stopped due to the Union’s financing problems.

The ARTA Magazine was the unique Romanian art magazine for almost 50 years, which constantly reflected the fine arts field, reporting the activity, trends, achievements and performances of the Romanian visual artists, being the unique source of professional information, systematized and almost completed, regarding this period of the Romanian visual culture. Its republishing was an urgent matter in order to keep alive the memory of the visual artists branch for future generations which are missing already for a decade a publication of their own and an adequate documentation and reflection of the Romanian visual arts trends.

The new edition of ARTA magazine constitutes a promoting base of the contemporary Romanian visual arts production, internally but also on an international level, a channel of the cultural interdisciplinary dialog, a must-to-have tool regarding the knowledge and understanding of the contemporary visual art phenomenon. With its two publishing formats, the magazine can offer a larger coverage internally and internationally.

The project is designed for a magazine with a quarterly frequency, bilingual format (Romanian and English) and an on-line version. The financing source will be on a side the Romanian Government budget and the Fine Arts Stamp Fund on the other side.

This project has a high priority due to the fact that the magazine is an important promoting tool of the Union’s activity.


  • An important promoting channel is the Union’s art galleries, which will be redesigned according to the current European standards and a performing management will be implemented.

  • The redesign of the Galateea Gallery ( Bucharest) was sucessfully finished in 2010 and at present the gallery is integrated in the international chain of ceramic galleries.
  • A wide cultural project will include also the redesign of the Simeza Gallery, Căminul Artei (Centrul Artelor Vizuale) Gallery,Orizont Gallery. Deadline: December 2014.
  • Action will be continuously taken in order to open as many as possible new galleries and artist studios as dedicated cultural locations for the Union. Deadline: permanent activity.

  • The opening of an art gallery for the Union’s Cluj subsidiary, which lost all its galleries, is an emergency. Deadline: 2013.

    On project based, the artist residences from Naieni and Constanţa will be redesigned in order to host arts camps, artists’ residences etc

Deadline: 2014


The projects financing will be agreed based on projects approved by the Union’s Board, by the Union’s Senate or by the General Assembly, where applicable, accordingly to the Union’s Bylaw and internal regulations. Projects regarding the promotion of the artists and the fine arts field, the patrimony facilities and documents, the research field and awards will be financed with priority.