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UAP | August 14, 2022

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Teculescu Laura

Laura Teculescu
Teculescu Laura
Adresa: Timisoara – România

File de jurnal

File journal

Prezentare Demers Artistic

My artistic demarche consists in introspection, analyzing my own inner resorts, disclosing and hiding at the same time in a coquettish play which let the viewer catch a glimpse of self -refusal and self –denial alternating in continuously rhythmic play.
The theme of absence –presence duality is developed trough personal objects which are becoming substitutes of myself, pointing out towards my absence but at the same time talking about me. Those objects are selected fragments of everyday life which are getting to be the plea for the construction of my image and lancing the question “who is this I?” doubled immediately and necessarily by another question: “is the knowledge of somebody else possible? “
Each peace is part of a diary in which written words are replaced by objects and images the meanings of which are strictly bound to the discovery of a hidden side of the subconscious, of exploring my own psychology. Each file of the diary contains the encoded story of a personal experience, of an emotional event of my life building a map of my becoming, a journey into the twisted labyrinth of my soul.
I have “antiquated” the wood and added old objects which suffered degradation in time to add a sentimental note: old objects kept over time like little treasures, with their stories bringing back memories…
Laura Teculescu

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