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UAP | December 8, 2022

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Tengheru Ion

Nistor Laurențiu
Ion Tengheru
Tengheru Ion
Adresa: Str. Parângului 17, Deva – România

Portret, 70 x 50 cm. ulei pe panza - Portrait, 70 x 50 cm. oil on canvas

Portrait, 70×50 cm. oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

I believe that I. Tengheru belongs to that excellent trend of the Romanian art in which the rigorous judgment of the pictorial idea and the sensitivity of the line and colour are mixed in a personal vision. His art tends to find out the inner order of things, the reason which sets in order and gives a meaning to the forms of the visible world.
There have been years since I discovered in Ion Tengheru’s painting convincing evidence of a consistent wish to provide image with that clear rigour of a thoughtful rational architecture. I could also distinguish, in that structure of firm built geometrical forms, the sincere and calm vibe of a poetical temperament, conveyed through a harmonious chromatics.
Ever since I have met again his art again, I could notice the step by step fulfilment of this synthesis between the constructive vision and the calm vibe of the feeling. Ion Tengheru is an artist who is gifted with a definite calling of a monumentalist. And this fact is fully proved by his recent paintings, in which the line has become more flexible, shape itself has been endowed with a musical undulation.

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