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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Teodorescu Marius Gheorghe

Nistor Laurențiu
Teodorescu Marius Gheorghe
Adresa: Calea Călăraşilor, nr. 10, bl. UJCM, ap. 9, Brăila – România
Tel: +40742.681.825 – +40239.627.741

In cârciuma lui Terente - In Terente’s pub - ulei-pânză - oill-canvas - 103.5x100 cm.

In Terente’s pub – oill-canvas – 103.5×100 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“[…] A few minutes are enough to understand that Teodorescu’s art belongs to our times: it is, at the same time, restless and vigorous, in some representations mysterious and quivering, often thoughtful. His art becomes explosive when it appeals to cromatic choises that strengthen, with appropriate tonalities a strong message. Becomes smooth when it is required by the theme: and we find a light palette fitted to the reality. It seems like to be reading, through the figurative language, a newspaper page daling with chronical and culture, politics and sport. […]”

Prof. Pasquale Petrucci Salerno, February 5 th 2005

“[…] In his art it appears evident the progressive removal of all what prevents and hinders the perfect identity between the feelings and the colours, excluding every kind of nostalgia for an imitative use of the colours. With Teodorescu “the colour” becomes the absolute protagonist and his paintings flush with flashing contrasts, glittering with furious yellow and red splinters. […]”

Curator, Cristina Tafuri Salerno, February14th2005

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