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UAP | October 5, 2022

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Udrea Natalia

Udrea Natalia
Nistor Laurențiu
Udrea Natalia
Udrea Natalia
Adresa: Str. Baba Novac, nr.27, Cluj Napoca – România
Tel: +40744 484 629
e-mail: natalia_udrea@yahoo.com

Turnul Negru- Black Tower 2012, dim.75x65, tehnica colaj

Black-Tower, 75×65 cm. colaj.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“A style who tries to suggest and afford the liberty to broke the boundary between The Ancient and The New, who passes very easy and gently through all the TABU ideas of the “Cinderella” of Fine Arts.
A style who finds in time, with a lot of patience and opening to new things, force and equilibrium in all this artistic process, full with invisible traps.
A style who doesn’t try anything new, but tries to show a fine and delicate line which can bring to the viewers not a new concept but a new interpretation of the Beautiful behind The Art.
A step without useless improvisations, with a dynamic and monumental architectural line and a special atmosphere- all these attributes tries to obtain a new form of interpretation of The Decorative Arts, a balance form full of substance which can obtain from the viewer a feeling, an emotion.
Regarding as technical methods in this process of a permanent searching, we were deeply attracted by the collage technique- the beautiful possibility and opportunity of mixing different fabrics, as well as the richness of shapes, superpositions, textures of the precious laces and embroideries.
Our experiment is to obtain a real and refine jewel trapped in the veil time.”

website link: www.nataliaudrea.ro,