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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Bumbu Liviu Constantin

Umbu Liviu Constantin
Bumbu Liviu Constantin
Adresa: Str. Carol Davila nr 5, ap 4, Cluj-Napoca – România
Tel: +4 0744-692.775


„Peşte”, 43x57 cm, bronz, piatră „Fish”, 43x57 cm, bronze, stone

„Fish”, 43×57 cm, bronze-stone

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Representative of the younger generation in Romanian contemporary sculpture, Liviu Bumbu asserts himself to his best improved aesthetic finality. He graduated from school of sculpture in Cluj, both at school and university level and Liviu Bumbu is an active presence on Romanian exhibition stage, as well as on the restoration field by painting churches in the country and returning them to believers, be them tourists or brothers in faith in God.

Above all, Liviu Bumbu is interested in the materiality of the elements he works with, be it bronze, stone, wood or color, and in the result of his artistic creation as well. Its purpose has got to have not only aesthetic value, but also symbolic and social value being addressed to general public or for the specific public passionate about contemporary art.

His works, generally complex spatial ordering, indicate the creator’s fine sensitivity „provider of vital volumetry that beautifully combines the voluptuousness with elegance and mystery.”(I. Mureşan).

Extremely attentive to details, Liviu Bumbu turns movement, energy, meditation, resonance, into bronze or stone, giving them new symbolic and metaphorical connotations by handling the chisel skillfully. The wood comes alive in his hands, being perhaps the closest material through its warmth and softness it releases. “Among sleep – dream – dreaming”, the drawing, the sketch or even a simple thought are turned into works of abstract figurative art or just suggesting figurative.

Coming from the world of Orthodox religion (a prophet or a cherub), referring to flora or fauna, symbols of immediate or the celestial world, the works of Liviu Bumbu “contain in their essence a will of expression as personal as possible and enjoyment of “working with the matter” and the desire to mold it and, not least, the investigation of dimensions designed to banish the repetitive monotony.”(M. Vaida).

Byzantinism abstract themes are found in his sculpture, just as the sculptural meanings give the artist’s monumental vision in achieving religious painting.

Complex and complete artist, Liviu Bumbu moves gently but confidently within the limits of sleep and dreaming, secular and religious, his eyes pausing carefully upon the details of the surrounding world. The hand through the creative impulse of the artist’s mind gives the artistic creations shape and feelings becoming this way bridges between sacred and profane.

University professor Ioan Sbârciu

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