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UAP | December 9, 2022

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Vintilă Petru Junior

Nistor Laurențiu
Vintilă Petru Junior
Adresa: Şos. Mihai Bravu, nr. 43, Bl. 4 ap. 54, sector 2 – Bucureşti – România

Tel: +40216.422.118 – mob. +40733.235.136/div>


Uzina viselor - Factory of dreams -creion hârtie - pancil-paper 47x60 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

The world of Petru Vintila Jr’s drawings represents a triumph of the geometry. As the allegorical portrait of Newton drawn by Blacke some time ago, it was created with the help of the square and compasses set.
The circle and the sphere, Pitagora’s signs of perfection, embody the significance of a Universe where the wonders come true.
First of all it is a miracle of the light. Not the night, but the all-conquering noon represents the time of the Genesis’s great mister. So, Petru Vintila Jr. gives a meaning to some traditions that descend from the old civilisation of the Mediterranean Sea, built on the dimensions of a verticality having harmonized with the vertical lines of the sunrays; these traditions were illustrated by the romanian folclore, Eminescu’s poems – where the Morning Star is, above all, the light – and Brancusi’s even geometry.
The symbols are decoded in these drawings through a clear poem – like perspective. Everything is solved by a metaphor; each episode of the narration is totally lightened up if one thinks of it from the highness of the lyrical meaning of a poem, where the key symbols are represented by the Sun and the Moon, light or geometry, i.e. the triumphant reason.
Petru Vintila Jr. imposed to himself a strict programme revaluing the traditional function of drawing. Rejecting the pelty preconceived ideas of a few patterns forced by different trends approved by the art critics and art galleries owvers, he convincingly proves the permanence of some values, the line along the history of visual image.
As an eulogy to the poem contained in the inner geometry of the world, the art of Petru Vintila Jr. gives the measure of an admirable boldness – the boldness to be faithful to himself to his thoughts and

Dan Grigorescu

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