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UAP | 23/07/2024

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A live / Alina Codin @ CAV

A live / Alina Codin @ CAV
Nistor Laurențiu

The road to making an artwork is as important as the final result for Alina Codin. This means that, before anything else, the artist does not use recipes or algorithms in her work, but also that between her life and her creation there is a total continuity.

Creative from project to project and even more, from artwork to artwork, the artist logically starts from painting and heads towards object, collage, sometimes décollage, but also Action Painting or performance. Operating with ready made, found objects, simple, humble materials, Alina Codin also have ties with Arte Povera and Appropriation Art. Beyond all these and generally, all possible label, her biggest stake remains the image itself, whose story, morphology and idea is a nonverbal artistic message.

The title of the exhibition, Alive, which can also be read, as the poster suggests, A Live, catches the essence of the project: for Alina Codin art represents action and life at the same time. These elements overlap; art, at least, can not be authentic without the other twos. The artworks made in distinct technics and with dominant chromatics, are associated with the important moments or periods in life, following an idea of a time for everything: birth, death, love, disillusion, dreaming, fulfillment and oblivion. Each of these possible and also probable chapters was hidden or left to be seen in so many pieces aswell. For the game to be complete, Alina Codin knowingly swirls between elliptical and explicit. The differences of potential between these hypostases are part of the postmodern spirit of the project.

The obvious artistic and cultural quotes are exploited in a balanced and novel way. Something new comes out, configured on the basis of things that have been done before, but never so. Gestural abstraction coexists with geometric rigor; as well as the minimalist elements with the arte povera ones. The ensemble is, however, unitary through the fluidity of the works, without these being arranged according to narrative criteria. Visiting the exhibition is proposed as an initiatory experience.

The artist believes that there are more or less visible links between all things in the world, and that, beyond appearances, everything has a role and is important, from the origami cob to the ability to enjoy art and life.

Mihai Plămădeală, curator