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UAP | July 6, 2022

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[UN]RELATED TIMES AND TOPICS Vali Chincișan @ MNAC Bucharest – Palace of Parliament, 4th Floor

[UN]RELATED TIMES AND TOPICS Vali Chincișan @ MNAC Bucharest – Palace of Parliament, 4th Floor
Artist: Vali Chincișan
Curator: Cristian Cojanu

Exhibition opening: June 29 2017, 19:00
June 29 – September 3, 2017
MNAC Bucharest – Palace of Parliament, 4th Floor

The personal fragments of identity that we have conscious access to (our own or others’ observations about our beliefs, sensitivities, superstitions, opinions, eccentricities) are part of a puzzle we know for sure: a) that it has a solution, and that b) this emancipatory solution lies hidden behind the perception of the profane cinematics of everyday life. The search for the truth about ourselves takes the form of a zen guerrilla, of the need for superior meditation carried out against the symbolic bursts of the seconds. It is not accidentally that physical time is illustrated through the equal movement of a pendulum and through heartbeats – both sound vibrations, the basis of narrativity of action, end of contemplation. We improperly call this cavalcade of ideas, words, sounds, images that use our brain as a resonant box “the flow of consciousness”. Most are just reflections, echoes of something that happens outside of our own selves. We hold the intimate belief that only by stopping our partaking in the uninterrupted traffic or our involvement in the interconnected life of the human formicary to which we belong, we have the chance to find ourselves, to reach a personal equation in which we recognize ourselves. Opposite to the continuous motion of reality, art produces such means of freezing time in still (drawing, painting, sculpture, installations) or time encapsulation in loops (video art, kinetic sculptures). Hybrid in technique and expression, the works in the exhibition lead a personal monist essence through the attempts of illusion, temporal seduction and contemporary social critique.

Free entrance for the exhibition opening. Car / taxi access, parking in front of the museum are ensured.