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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Gașpar Matei

Gaspar Matei
Gașpar Matei
Adresa: Str. Gloria, nr. 59B, com. Giroc, Timiș – România
Tel: +40

Urcare   Ascend


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Matter and spirit
As soon as the artist masters the mysteries of matter- he attempts with the some interest metal, stone, wood, clay, synthetic resins compositions- Matei Gaspar identifies a series of ordering elements and impressions of rational principles. These are representations of the formative tensions, usually adopting the demarcation from chaos, from an unpredictable status of the incongruity having ruled before the sacred forces action.
Even within the fields mastered by geometrical strictness, Matei Gaspar preserves some of the invigorating innocence of the first encounter with things, of the impetuous burning of the fire, of the unexpected in the mobile matter.
Some accents insertions of the representational order of some painting expressions reveal an extremely generous perspective of Matei Gaspar’s artistic evolution. It is an evolution gathering naturally elements of the volumetric discourse and elements from the painting discourse in a prolific get-together that borrows steadiness, lasting attribute from the universe and a ceaseless revelation in form and symbols.
Ph. D. Professor Constantin Prut
(in Matrices. Attitudes- Strains Catalogue)

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