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UAP | May 24, 2022

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Goicea-Leucă Rodica

Goicea Leucă Rodica
Goicea-Leucă Rodica
Adresa: str. Avrig nr. 9-19. bl. U1, sc. 3, et. 1, ap. 84, București – România
Tel: +40

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Invazie,Intrusion,  ø22,00cmX4 buc. pcs.Porţelan glazurat-glazed porcelain

Intrusion-ø2200cmX4.-pcs. Glazed-porcelain

Prezentare Demers Artistic
„RODICA LEUCA-GOICEA presents on her first single public appearance a survey exhibition meant to be exhaust all the formal and technical procedure repertoir that has been appropriated all along the education period and then improved during the table and necessary contact with the industrial production. The work should thus be read in a double code, as they are the outcome of a balanced rate of personal invention as well as developments of the form study principles taught in the pedagogical assimilation process.
[…] Even though the volumes she devises are filled with unquestionable energy as she builds up at a given moment fields of reciprocally sustained forms that do thwart an apparent monotony; though, on the one hand, she benefits by the sculptural trend to be manifest in some of her professors’ creative achievement as well as by the conceptual one that is noticeable with some elderly colleagues of hers, on the other, Rodica Leucă-Goicea contrives her works departing from different assumptions. With her, formal abstraction is stemming from a functional repertoir and not from a cultural conceptual reference; volumes are bulky as required by both the material and artists’s temperament; as for colour – an essentially expressive means when Rodica Leucă-Goicea is concerned – is to its form, all the way preserving a certain randon freedom and expressive autonomy. Functionality is – in its turn – but the stimulating premice for ever new improvisation; the way in which decoration is placed, he paradoxically frail forms boasting Baroque density – do thwart the household usage.”

Text – ceramics personal exhibition catalogue; „Galateea” Galery – Bucharest 1988
author: Călin Dan

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