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UAP | November 28, 2022

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GORZOfromNOW @ Bucharest

GORZOfromNOW @ Bucharest
Nistor Laurențiu

Sunday, November 18, 18:00

The new exhibition is an exercise of defamiliarization of the image of the past – exceptional and iconic, in accordance with the ethno-rural-spiritual-Balkan cultural models; and an exercise of adaptation to the image of NOW – where archaic and contemporary or techno and techno-sphere are radically confronted, without resilience to globalist and localist aesthetics and doctrinal fluctuations.

… about the work started in Brooklyn and finalized in situ at / SAC, about identity as a heterogeneous bio-techno-social phenomenon, about a pharmacology of painting in the digital image era, about object exteriorization, about survival and about many others we will discuss during the GORZOfromNOW exhibition.


/SAC is a private independent initiative – a resource-context dedicated to the current needs of the producer and the public in order to establish a direct and formative dialogue through exhibitions, research and promotion.


Project is curated, organised and funded by /SAC, in collaboration with Unrest/Bucharest and Slag Gallery. The project represents the position of the participating organisations. /SAC assumes responsibility for the promoted content and the emotional and visual effects and results of the project.