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UAP | September 27, 2022

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Martinov Elena


Martinov Elena
Martinov Elena
Adresa: str. Dalcaranestilor, nr. 57, Niculitel, jud. Tulcea – România
Tel: +40752.899.620, +40240.542.332

Camp cu maci - Poppy field-Tehnica mixta - acrylic si ulei pe panza  -  Mixed -  Acrylic and oil on canvas.jpg


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Our ancestors lived in a civilization in which wood and the earth played a major role. The house, the church, the fortress were built using these materials. I, myself come from a world in which the civilization, for several centuries, was expressed through wood and ground. It’s the vantage point I started from, over which I meditated and which finally inspired me in creating my works. They are stances for a possible transfiguration.
For the most part inspired by the grand creation of the world, the works would like to be a sign of appreciation for the dawn of the millenium artist, the culture and the art of our ancestors.
My aim was to portray simplicity, the rustic, in a relationship in which the material, the form and the color create that inner comfort ambient, an ideea which I wish represents a reality.
I built a small universe using as support a certain archaism of form, signs and symbols. This could be a possible return in time.

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