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UAP | May 28, 2022

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Meiloiu Tudor

Meiloiu Tudor
Adresa: Str. Baltagului, nr.6, bl.V76A, sc.2, ap.34, et.3, sector 5 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40742.957.359, +40214.105.156

Visul Păsării-Dream Bird - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas 106x89 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Tudor Meiloiu is an uncanny painter.
He benefits from a special gift, that of being able to create the figurative out of the nonfigurative. On the surfaces he paints he manufactures such a beautiful and believable world that he creates aesthetic virtues touching on the metaphysic. A luminous peace lend to his works a calm chromatic harmony, out of which lines and volutes are born, along with three-dimensional interferences alluding to vegetal matter, of aquatic tufts and webs sewn together out of the world’s colors by miraculous spiders, of nerve chords and shells, or of macrocosmic panoramas. Thinking about the obstinacy with which Meiloiu forges his dreams, by seeing his works, I understand that the artist does not console himself with any one manner of painting, but rather, he creates a world of symbols in which he believes and that he tries to suggest to us. And he succeeds in doing so. Each of his works incites us because of the sacramental halo that surrounds it. Even more, seen up close, Meiloiu’s paintings display their full decorative texture. Moving away from them, they unveil to us their roving secrets of spiritual harmony as if a curtain had been lifted.
I dare say that this sacrament is so unusual, that at the artist’s more than 60 years, it has become absolutely “meiloic”.

Liviu Tudor Samuilă

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