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UAP | September 29, 2022

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Moise Lucia

Nistor Laurențiu
Moise Lucia
Moise Lucia
Adresa: Str. Sirius nr. 3, Timisoara – România
Tel: +40741 135 369
e-mail: fehervari_zsolt@yahoo.com

web: ,

„NUCLEUS”, Collage  &  lino engraving , Collage  &  pastel, 40x60 cm

„NUCLEUS”, Collage & lino engraving, 40×60 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

For a while now, for about 2-3 years the author shows that she feels comfortable in the art of collage, she focused here and works with surprising diligence involving in subtext, a long artistic experience in artistic painting, graphics, fashion design, clothing creation, clothing history. The main strength constantly remains the ability of compositional achievement, served by a strong fantasy, which is never repeated. She always has a good command of the surface started from ever since the first intention that fragments of images and colors, that the cut pieces to answer in juxtaposition as a match of shape and as chromatic harmony. Remains faithful to the decorative sense, even though in secret, there is an aspiration of a transposition in monumental, even though the shape sense, the ordering and color sense is emphasized.
The composition, marked by land marked heterogeneity, implies horizontal and vertical axes of reference as invisible depending on which the obliques are underlined cut towards right and left, visible, cut due to which a trenchant dynamic rhythm of ordering and an implied kaleidoscopic movement is recorded. Images thus set their appearances, always more and more, directed, subject to geometric as in taming. The geometric character behaves as a generality. All enter to geometry, the infinite multitude of things seen. They are integrated and continue to exist as such and to answer to the geometric system understood as a permanent principle for spontaneous and free things.

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