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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Neag Valer

Neag Valer
Neag Valer
Adresa: Str. Victoriei, bl. 54, sc. 4, ap. 7, Târgu Jiu – România
Tel: +40766.20.84.90

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“Ion Saritor In Apa” 37x22x20 cm., Sticla transparenta-colorata-lemn

“Ion-skip-In-Water” -37x22x20-cm.-glass-transparent-colored-wood

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Over a quarter of a century Valer Neag is performing a dangerous practice, for most of us forbiden: playing with fire and light. It is very difficult to define what Valer Neag is thinking and builing in glass. One would be tempted to consider his works as sculptures, due to their monumentality, regardless of the size he choose to work with. Neag’s creation embodies the germ of intelligence and energy needed for the art of sculpture. The symbols he uses in both glass and wood works are of orthodox influence and some come from the peasant traditional motifs and caries a great ethic substance.

Neag’s works that have been travelling around the world, from Japan to Germany and have been decorating the galleries and museums in Romania, complete an artistic univers that comes from the begginings of art, the archetypes of neolitic art.

Florin Rogneanu

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